Money is one of the main issues that many people have, for some even if they have enough it is never going to be enough. Money tends to become an issue when travelling to different countries. You got to pay more for airline tickets, and don’t get started on the how much money it take to book a hotel room for at least two nights. It’s going to be expensive, but there are budget accommodation Indonesia if that’s where you’re planning to go. So maybe some money can be saved after all.

How to choose the best budgeted hotels?

First of all you want to know that the internet is your friend, you can use it to compare prices and reviews and see what is best and trending at the moment. You could also look for last minute deals. Sometimes hotels want to fill vacancies if someone cancels, so they will charge a lower rate. And try negotiating your price, sometimes they have a chance of dropping the price. Furthermore consider different options, hotels are the only accommodations available. There are Airbnb’s, hostels and so much more. Also certain people are likely to receive discounts as well, like seniors, government employees, or military members, so using your affiliations may save you some money.

The advantages.

If you’re choosing budget accommodations in Indonesia there are several factors that you could benefit from, the main being you’re saving money, this could result in you extending your stay or having more to spend on your other outdoor activities, or upgrading your seat on the airplane. Plus budget hotels offer reasonable food and beverage prices as well. So you won’t have to spend heavily on that either. And most importantly you will be able to sleep soundly knowing that you haven’t been spending too much on unnecessary things. 

The disadvantages of it?

There are a few disadvantages of budget hotels, but nothing you can’t overcome. One issue could be the location, it may not have the most beautiful view, and may be in a cramped spot, but most of the time you won’t be in your hotel room, and you’d be out exploring. Also there maybe issues with the power and such and may cause problems, and sometimes the cleaning may need to be worked on. But all these can be sorted out if they call the front desk.