Are you planning to go for a holiday with kids? Your preferred destination should have fun facilities and activities for kids. This is why Explore Paris guided tours have stood out because of their commitment to helping kids to enjoy every moment of the holiday. Here are some of the great facilities for kids and the entire family. 

Classical music concerts in the Château de Grosbois

There is nothing as enjoyable as experiencing a classical music concert with family in a prestigious facility. If you have only heard the classics on radio, this is the opportunity to watch live performances by renowned musicians in a special setting: the Grand Salon of the chateau.

To make your holiday with kids more enjoyable, it is important to work with guides who understand the most enthralling facilities, locations, and events. Visit this website today to book your tours with Paris Guided Tours for kids and family.

To get extra thrill with friends and family, you also have the opportunity to tour the famous Chateau before the concert. Your Explore Paris guide will help you explore the 17th Century country house to discover its rich history dating back to the Napoleon era. 

Learn the History of French Military at Fort de Sucy

The history of military activities and war was very important in defining France and modern Europe. Your family and kids will fancy learning about military architecture and how some of the battles were won or lost. Fort de Sucy was built around 1780 and became the second military fortification around Paris. The fortification was designed by General Séré de Rivières, an expert military engineer after the siege of Paris in 1870. 

Though Fort de Sucy was not a major theater in WWI or WWII, it played a great role. Visiting this facility will help you to get a touch of how conflicts shaped cities, communities, and countries in the history of Europe. 

Explore the Air and Space Museum 

Mention the term airplane to kids and they no doubt want to learn more. Now, the Air and Space Museum located at Le Baourget will allow you to experience some of the spacecraft marvels that will make you love the history of flying. Follow your guide to learn about great crafts such as Concord and Boeing 747 to discover everything about the mythical airplanes.