The cherry blossom is a significant aspect of Japanese culture and tradition. Viewing of the cherry blossom is a fascinating experience for eh tourists who gather from all across the globe to witness this fantastic show of Nature. You can’t stop admiring the Sakura, which is the Japanese form of pink cherry blossoms. The view is mesmerizing, and you will feel that you are in the middle of a dream. The timing of the cherry blossom festival usually begins by the end of March and goes on for around two weeks. This is because these flowers don’t have much longevity, and they fall off after a couple of weeks. 

Select the right spots

Just like the timing is essential for the viewing, the selection of the places is also equally important when it comes to the cherry blossom viewing. You can go to Mount Yoshino, which gives you a breath-taking view from the higher altitude. You can also choose Maruyama Peak or the Himeji Castle. Fui Five Lakes offers a magnificent view of the blooms. However, if you want to know further about when is the best cherry blossom toursyou have to keep track of the weather forecasts that change the blossom timing every year. If you consider the subtropical islands of Okinawa in Japan, the blossom starts as early as in January. But the Hokkaido blossom begins as late as in May.

Blooming time differs

The blooming time of the cheery trees keeps on changing mostly owing to the different weather patterns. The blossoms will start tp open earlier if the weather remains mild during the months and weeks just before the cherry blossom. Taking a tour, depending on the forecasts will be a better idea. In case the weather remains cold, the bloom will begin late. There is more or less a difference of one week every year.