Hotels chains usually have a few types of rooms at the structural level (as generic categories) which are commercially exploited to sell more rooms. A room may belong to a specific kind, but be sold under a different trade name for some unique feature.

For example, let’s imagine two double rooms, precisely the same. Commercially, they could be sold at a different price due to the differentiation of one of their characteristics, such as the views they have. So:

  • Double room
  • Sea View Double Room

They could have a brutal price difference, although the family room hotel Bangkok are the same at the level of plan and features inside, just for the views. Either way, both rooms would belong to the same type of room. Thus, depending on the type of hotel, its target and its architecture may have some kinds of base room.

Here are some examples of room types:

Individual: For those who travel alone.

Double For Single Use: A room for one person to use but originally designed for two.

Double Room: A room for two people. You can have a double bed or two single beds. Specific markets prefer a variant.

With Extra Bed: A double family room hotel pratunam with an additional bed ideal for those travelling with children.

Triple Room: Room to travel with friends with three or more beds.

Suites: Usually the best (in all its variants). They can have two double rooms, one or more bathrooms, a living room, stay, etc. One of the variants is the “Presidential Suite”, which is a more luxurious variant that is usually reserved for personalities and with the highest price.

Bridal Suite: Another variant of the suite, but ideal for newlyweds with a price according to their characteristics.