Scotland is a beautiful country, with so much to see, mountains, moorland, lochs and estuaries, wildlife and islands. But what is the best way to see and make the most of it when you are there on holiday?

What to see and where to go

Scotland has it all, from the beautiful architecture in Edinburgh and the stunning bridges, to the rugged mountains and coastlines, the islands and the wildlife, and don’t forget the sites of history, culture and heritage.

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Campervan Hire Scotland

There are various alternatives if you holiday in Scotland. You could stay in a hotel if you want a city break, a holiday cottage if you want peace and tranquillity, or, to see the best of Scotland, you could hire a campervan and tour all of the areas you want to see.

Imagine it, days driving the stunning coasts and mountains, pulling over to enjoy the view and brew some tea or coffee or have a picnic, and the bonus, no worries about trying to find a toilet. Nights with the sound of the ocean and the light of the stars, waking peacefully with no rush or stress, to continue your journey at leisure. If this kind of image speaks to you and makes you excited about a campervan holiday, then get in touch with Budget Campervans and compare campervans to see what is best suited to you.

So, if you are set on a campervan hire Scotland holiday, what now? You choose and book your camper van, you pack what you need, and off you go. If you live in the UK, you can drive to pick up your campervan, so no worries about what to pack or suitcase weight.

You will be able to either cook your food in the van or eat out as you travel. There’s no worries about extra costs of hotel meals or poor-quality food, you will be able to buy fresh food and milk along the way. You have complete freedom with the option of eating out at places along the way. There’s the privacy and freedom of places to spend the night that other holidays don’t offer. You will be able to focus purely on sightseeing and visiting interesting places.

It’s the kind of holiday for free spirits, but make sure you pack in as much sightseeing and experience as possible, as well as relaxed and lazy days on quiet beaches. Have a look for inspiration and help with your holiday planning.

Go and see the real Scotland, the secret Scotland that you would miss out on if you stayed in a hotel or cottage, make memories and take pictures that will keep your Scottish experience alive forever. But don’t forget, for your campervan hire Scotland needs, and a full range of equipped and well-maintained vehicles to suit everyone, so compare campervans!

Enjoy your tour of Scotland, leave work and everyday worries at home, and truly relax!