Participating in a trade show allows you to benefit from several advantages. Indeed, taking part in this event offers a wide range of actions that stimulate trade. Young ambitious entrepreneurs, beginners or in full development then have the opportunity to take advantage of previously unhoped-for opportunities. A trade show is the ideal setting for establishing business contacts in order to launch or promote products. This is why Anuga is the perfect trade show option here.

Some Advantages

  • A successful exhibition helps attract new customers who will want more information.
  • During a fair, it is possible to generate a maximum of short-term contacts.
  • It is possible to set several appointments among the thousands of prospects present that we would not have been able to meet outside the show.
  • Properly organized participation offers a consequent increase in turnover.
  • During the fair, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to evaluate his products in relation to the needs of the market and its variations.
  • Discover new developments and market needs.
  • During the show, it is possible to observe your competitors to possibly learn from them and improve your product or service.

Six Good Reasons to Participate In a Trade Fair

The success of the salons cannot be denied. For a SME, exhibiting is a passport for export, but not only. The Anuga exhibition is the best one here.


Finding new customers, especially for export, is one of the main attractions of a trade show. Over four or five days, an SME can meet a maximum of potential French or foreign customers, all for a relatively moderate cost. According to a study, for one dollar invested in trade fairs, companies achieve 35 dollars in turnover from exports.

Present New Products

A trade fair is the ideal setting to unveil a new product or service. The event, if it is well covered by the media, constitutes a good launching pad provided that the exhibitor has planned a strong communication device because he will not be the only one to present a novelty. Activities on the stand, press relations, participation in a competition, sampling there are so many means of communication to deploy to bring out your innovation.

Building Partnerships

Bringing together an entire sector or an entire sector on a single site, the show can be an opportunity to forge partnerships with another company or an importer, for example. For SMEs, it is now or never to develop their network, including internationally.

Learn About Your Market

A trade fair is not only used to increase turnover, it allows you to learn about the state of the sector and new trends. By visiting the stands of foreign companies, you can glean good ideas to then adapt for your own market. Conferences or debates also provide plenty of information. It is useful for a VSE which does not necessarily have the means to pay for marketing studies.

Boost the Company’s Notoriety

Buying a stand also means giving the company a way to cultivate its image and improve its notoriety. According to a survey, 27% of companies exhibiting at trade shows consider that the show is the most effective medium for improving the image on the condition of supporting its participation with a well-oiled communication system.

Mobilize Your Teams

The issue of internal communication is not negligible. This is an opportunity to mobilize its troops, in particular the sales forces, around a “unifying event”. Some companies invite their best salespeople to participate in exhibitions abroad.