Usually, people say that travelling alone is one of the daunting, overwhelming, yet liberating experiences one can ever have in their lifetime. Travelling alone can be an adventure where you can make new friends, try out new things, find inner joy, a sense of independence and responsibility. This pretty much sums up what exactly a solo trip is all about. Also not to forget, a trip all by yourself can help you in learning a thing or two about yourself.

However, going on a solo trip is usually easier said than done and even more so when you are doing it for the very first time. There are a bunch of things – from the budget to the itinerary that needs to be planned, which can give first-timers butterflies in their stomach. When it comes to solo travels in India, you get to choose from a variety of landscapes, cultures and experiences – from the awe-inspiring Himalayas to untouched beaches of Andaman, ancient architecture to places of worship for various religions, dense jungles to deserts. So, if you are planning for a solo trip in India, then read on and get yourself ready for an exciting adventure! To make your liberating experience furthermore successful, we have come up with some tips for your solo trip to India.

1. Plan your trip in advance

When travelling alone, it is often suggested that you have everything planned before venturing out. The whole itinerary need not be extremely detailed but at least the outline of it must be clear. Getting your reservations done beforehand, like online hotel booking, should be a compulsory part of the planning.

2. Pack light and only what is needed

One of the most important things to keep in mind while planning a solo trip is to pack light. It is best if you pack your luggage so that it can be carried with ease, preferably in a rucksack.

3. Try visiting the destination during the day

Other than the major metropolitan cities, most places in India are quite deserted at night, so it is advised that you arrive during the day to find your way through an unfamiliar place.

4. Explore the area

It is not always the sightseeing at a certain place that can be done alone, rather almost everything can be done alone while on a trip. Be it going to the movies, pubs, clubs or any other place. Such an experience of going out alone can be exceptional as well as quite enlightening in various ways.

5. Try out the offbeat tracks

Exploring the not so common tourist spots that aren’t always hoarded with tourists i.e the distant and off beaten paths with a fewer number of travellers is always a great idea.

6. Always carry your essentials

Since you are travelling alone, it is considered best to have all that you require with yourself at all times. Before heading out for the day, you should have significant things like medicines, identification proofs, maps etc. Keeping your emergency contacts handy is also a good idea.

So, all in all, travelling alone or going on a solo trip can be the most liberating experience of your lifetime. Just by following the above-mentioned tips along with others like always taking care of your belongings, carrying a travel journal along with you, staying in touch & keeping your loved ones updated with your whereabouts, staying sober, trusting your instincts, making new friends can make this solo trip, one of the best adventures of your life!