The Simba Safari Tanzania is a very popular package provided by Safarihub. This safari mainly aims at wildlife viewing. You come across the most popular gaming areas in Africa. This is a 8 days spanning safari. It will give you the best thrill you can think of. It is organized for small groups in each turn. So you can very well understand the time you spend by watching these animals all around you is going to be filled with excitement and enjoyment.

The trip starts with arrival of the tourists in the Kilimanjaro Airport. Nearby is the beautiful town of Arusha. It is known for it’s exquisite coffee gardens. Amidst these beautiful coffee plantations you will find your hault for the night. The Arusha Coffee Lodge is the place. It is known for it’s luxurious ambiance and services.

The next day morning you will have breakfast accompanied by safari briefing. So you will have enough of leisure before you start for your safari tour. The destination for the day will be Lake Manyara. On your way you will come across the various African villages. This will give you an insight to the most primitive African lifestyle and culture. Most of these villages are along the Masai Steppe. The Lake Manyara Kilimamoja Lodge where you will be having the night stay for this day is situated in a spectacular Rift Valley along the River Manyara. The calmness and natural beauty of the place is quite engrossing.

Next morning you will be all set for visiting the Lake Manyara National park. The same day you will depart for the Ngorongoro conservation area followed by the Serengeti National Park. This National Park is the ultimate Safari destination where gaming of the animals is the most spectacular view. Millions of people from across the globe travel specially to see the gaming of the animals in the Serengeti national park

It is one of the major destinations of this symbol Safari tour provided by the Safari have exquisite animal play gaming experience in spectacular views of the natural and is going to feel you with adventure and excitement.

The next three days will be filled with enjoyment as you travel to the Ngorongoro crater conservation area which is spectacular natural landscape and from there to the Tarangire National Park which also has a wide range of unique animals and diverse life forms. The trip will end in Arusha itself where you started the journey from.