Most of the shipping company uses both air and sea way in order to send the parcel to any country. And, there are also options available for the people to choose the option. Like if someone wants to Ship to overseas via ship [ส่ง สินค้า ไป ต่าง ประเทศ ทาง เรือ, which is the term in Thai] their parcel. Then they can choose that option too. just like that there are also options available to send parcel via plane. These are the option given to the customer so, that they can choose the option given to them.

According to the preference of someone that what they need. And, which option they want to go with. Just choose the best option in which someone is comfortable in. And, then tell the company that which option they want to go with. So, that the shipping company will book the parcel for that person.

Send the parcel with FedEx

FedEx is the top company in sending anything to anyplace. It doesn’t matter that where the delivery place is. If someone does a fedex call [fedex โทร, which is the term in Thai] then it is for sure that they will deliver the parcel in any part of the world. And, it is because FedEx have branches all over the world. So, it is easy for them to ship anything in the world. Just choose FedEx in order to send parcel overseas. And, within the expected day the parcel will be delivered to the receiving person.

Send parcel at cheap rate  

Price always matters in each and everything. So, it is better to save money while spending something. And, the price to send parcel overseas is not that high. And, anyone can opt for this thing if they want to send something abroad.