If you are travelling to Seattle and want to continue your passion for salsa then you can enroll in monthly groups, bootcamps or for private lessons for salsa dancing Seattle. As an advanced dancer, it is your responsibility which is now grown to a unique at your level and when it comes to dancing with a beginner dancer, it’s your sole job to help them by providing your guidance. After all, you’ve been there in their shoes and have done that. You can guide them with your body by holding proper body frame and posture in spite of whether you’re a lead or a follow. 

However, if you are dancing with someone who’s not as experienced as you then it’s time that you should put on your teaching shoes.

Here are some of the following best tips from the advanced dancers on partnering with a beginner:

  • Firstly, put yourself in their shoes. Salsa dancing is a challenge and sometimes become overwhelming and even intimidating. Everybody wants to have an enjoyable and successful dance. It is important to practice a good dance manner and a salsa form on your own. You can start practicing by learning to hold your frame and go to their level as much as you can and be gracious. Simply, once you start showing them that you enjoy dancing with them will work wonders and helpsin gaining good experience.
  • Great salsa dance is one that is both successful and very challenging. If you think and confident enough to think that you are ready to try a particular move or spin, then you can the advanced dancers if they’d like to try it and they will help their partner in completingthe challenging move slowly, so you will not get over-burdened. Whether you’re a lead or a follow, the introduction of a new move to a partner can be exciting and rewarding.
  • The newbie looksup to advanced dancers to learn how to act and what are the good dance etiquettes. This includes being polite with your partner, trying to equally dance with all partners whenever possible and practicing good hygiene mostly.