How to find a boat? This is where things get a little more complicated than if you were going through an agency, where basically nothing can be done. There, several options are available to you:

Ask Your Hotel

This is what remains the simplest. Whatever the format of your accommodation, hotel, guest house, etc., your host will inevitably know someone who owns a boat. You tell him what you want, the time, the dream route or not. And they will be happy to help you and get a commission in the process, obviously, it helps motivation. Again, delegating is good. But it comes at a cost which will depend on the generosity of your host or not.

The Agencies

It is possible to find agencies, especially for large ferries, in the city centers, in Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. You will also be able to find sites online without any problem. The easiest way is to ask your hotel once there for the name of an organizing agency for a cruise on the Nile.

Find a Captain Yourself

Format valid for feluccas in particular. In this case, there are spots in each city where felucca owners live with their boat. Knowing that the feluccas go up the Nile from Aswan, it is advised you to go directly to the elephantine island and say that you are looking for a felouquier. You are bound to find proposals. It’s up to you to negotiate the price, the route and the day of departure directly. It’s a bit more work, but it’s worth the effort.

If you are interested in felucca, ask for Captain Jamaïca or Mustafa on Elephantine Island. His house is at the level of the North pier. Take a boat, disembark directly there. And it will be the first house on the right with a great colorful or decorated patio and Jamaican flags everywhere. Do not hesitate to contact him through his Facebook page. These 3 sailors are just golden boys.

What Sense To Navigate On The Nile?

Another consideration to take into account to organize a cruise on the Nile on your own: Luxor to Aswan or Aswan to Luxor? Potentially, you won’t have much choice depending on the size of boat you choose.

In The Direction Luxor to Aswan

You should know that only large motorized boats can leave Luxor to go to Aswan, for two reasons. The first is a question of purely governmental authorization. It seems feluccas can’t start from Luxor, but at best Edfu, 100km further south is like that. The second reason is purely natural. The direction of the Nile current goes from South to North. And the wind goes from north to south. Suddenly, only motorized boats can afford to go upstream (which is not the case with feluccas or more difficult). So if you want to leave Luxor, it will be with a big boat or a smaller boat, but motorized, like the dahabiehs.

In the direction Aswan to Luxor

Because the current is in the “right direction”, the feluccas go up the Nile in the direction Aswan to Luxor (against the wind, yes, but the captains prefer to rely on the current than the wind, more predictable). As a result, it is not really possible to take a felucca cruise from Luxor. You can only do 1 hour walks at sunset. If you are planning to sail in a felucca, then go straight to Aswan and look for a captain there. For large boats, the question does not arise since they navigate in both directions. The feluccas stopping in Edfu at best, it will be necessary to plan a transport (train or taxi) to return to Luxor then. And if you want to have some action and adventure then you can go for the Nile River cruises 2021.