When you ask travelers where the ultimate road trip destination in America is, chances are many will have Las Vegas at the top of their list. This region truly has it all when it comes to any motorhome rental journey, including the famous urban delights of the city itself with its gambling, food, and flashy shows, plus the expanse of desert region just beyond city limits which is some of the most wondrous and breathtaking scenery you will ever experience. Because of the popularity of Vegas as a camping destination, there are an abundance of great campgrounds to stay in when you’re in the area.

Boulder Beach Campground

This comfortable camp will put you just a fifteen minute walk from the rock and pebble beach that has long been an attraction for visitors in the area. The campground itself offers astounding views of the desert and the waters of Lake Mead, not to mention the snowcapped mountains in the distance. The camp itself is fully serviced and features an abundance of large trees to keep you cool in the shade. This is a true desert oasis and easily one of the best camping spots in the entire country.

Lake Mead RV Village

This privately owned RV park is located within the Lake Mead Recreational Area and sits on a pleasant hillside amongst towering palm trees. There are incredible views of Lake Mead plus you can get to pebble beach in just twenty minutes on foot. This is a large park featuring over a hundred RV lots that can accommodate any type of rig. The site is known to be comfortable and offers many amenities including laundry, showers, and all the hookups you need for a comfortable stay.

Red Rock Canyon Campground

If you’re looking for easy access to the Strip, then this popular camp will give you just what you’re after. This is a best of both worlds scenario since the camp itself is a wilderness retreat and yet the exciting streets of Vegas are just a short drive away. The camp is known to be private with large lots that afford you a lot of room between your fellow campers, and the surrounding region is simply stunning. If you were looking to spend your nights camped out in the rugged desert wilderness and your days in the exciting Vegas atmosphere, then this is definitely the ideal park for your motorhome rental Vegas adventure.

Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort

Located just south of the Strip, this comfortable and well serviced camp has been a major favorite of RV travelers for decades. This is a true desert oasis featuring palm trees and lush grounds and even a swimming pool. The facility is truly massive, featuring over 700 sites with full hookups, paved sites, and some of the tightest security you will find in a Vegas camp. There’s even a grocery store on site so you can stock up on supplies. This is very much like a community and has all the features of a small town, only for road trippers. This is what keeps travelers coming back to the Oasis for their Las Vegas adventures.

Las Vegas KOA at Sam’s Town

This is often referred to as the Boulder Strip and is located just 15 minutes from the storied Las Vegas main strip. It makes for an ultra convenient base of operation for exploring both the city and the surrounding region. Featuring almost 300 sites, this is a very well serviced mid size camp with a pool, showers, laundry, and hookups and space for all different types of rigs. There’s even a free shuttle service to the strip, making this the perfect camp if you wanted to spend your days and nights amongst the pleasures of the Strip.

Valley of Fire State Park

Located deep in the amazing desert landscape, this wondrous park really allows you to experience the region. Surrounding by otherworldly red rock formations and sweeping scenery, the site is very close to some of the best desert hiking trails in the area. The facilities themselves are immaculate, giving you a definite sense of comfort in the midst of all this scenic and rugged splendor. You can spend your days enjoying the outdoors and your nights in one of the most comfortable parks in the country. Plus, Vegas is less than an hour’s drive away.

Taking a Vegas motorhome rental journey is a true rite of passage for any American road tripper. Choosing a camp that will best serve your needs when you’re in the area is important since this will give you the opportunity to enjoy this classic city and surrounding region to its fullest. You will want to do your research and find a camp in a location you desire and offering the amenities you need.