Peru – If this is your next destination on your holiday list, then one city that you just should not miss out on is Lima. With a number of major attractions, this city is sure to guarantee you the time of your life.

However, one thing that you cannot neglect when you plan your visit to Lima is a free walking tour in Lima. There are a number of tour guides who are easy to find as they wear the Incan Milky Way logo. These guides provide you with free tours of Lima in English. In this way, you get to explore a lot of the city in a fun way. The tours are held in groups and will last for a duration of two and a half hours. 

All this being said, let us now move on to have a look at the major places that you have to see when you come Peru free tour lima. Read on to know them: 

Main Square of Lima

This is located in the heart of the city and is one of the most important historical destinations that you cannot miss. It is an architecturally impressive area that is sure to give you a lot of pictures for your Facebook album. 

Outdoors San Francisco Church

If you like seeing churches, you can add this on your list of places to see in Peru. This is basically a basilica and a convent that is located on the North East of Peru. 

Plaza Peru

This is known as the birthplace of the city of Lima. This is another one of the main tourist attractions that you have to see. With drums, trumpets and cymbals this is a place that is sure to guarantee you a lot of action and excitement. 

The Presidential Palace

This is located in the main square of Lima. It is also called the Plaza Mayor or Plaza de Armas. It is the central seat of the government of Peru. So, if you want to visit the place where the ruling in Peru takes place, this is it for you. 

House of Peruvian Literature and Old Train Station

Now, if you like seeing old places, do not fail to come here. This place which was once a train station has now been converted to a place of literary importance. How does that work? Come and see for yourself. 

Colonial City Wall of Lima

These walls once served as a form of fortification and today it is one of the historical attractions in Peru. So, again, if you like seeing old places, you can come and take some pictures of these old walls. 

House of Aliaga

And if you are the kind that likes to see old colonial mansions, then Peru has something for you too. The interiors of this place with its beautiful patio, balcony, staircase and so much more are just going to leave you speechless. 

Local Folkloric Tradition

So, are you the kind that loves visiting places and getting to know the culture and tradition there. Then Peru, and especially Lima will not leave you disappointed. There is lots for you to learm about here from the clothing of the people to their art and so much more. 

The City Hall of Lima

This is the headquarters of the metropolitan municipality of Lima. It has some of the most fascinating works of architecture that can guarantee you lovely pictures. 

Rimac River

And then there is the famous Rimac river. So, if you are a nature lover, then you just cannot miss this. This is, in fact, the most important source of potable water. 

Santo Domingo Church

If you are the kind that likes taking pictures of churches on your visits to different parts of the world, this is a must visit for you. This too, is a basilica and a convent. 

And it is not all. These are just a few of the many places that you can enjoy seeing in Lima. You just need to come here to learn that there is a lot more that you can explore in terms of the culture, tourist attractions, places of history and so much more that is sure to give you a lot of memories when you head home.