Dubai is one of the most important places and it is globally recognized for its tourism industry. There are a lot of activities that you will be able to enjoy while you are traveling to Dubai. It would include all of the fun activities and along with that, there are some tours which are quite thrill full. One such tour is known as the Dubai desert safari. This tour is known as one of the most exciting and is highly recommended by all of the tourists who visit Dubai. the best thing about this tour is that it is suitable for all ages and everyone enjoys this tour. So if you are planning on enjoying this tour then you should definitely book this and continue reading to find out all of the amazing stuff that you would be able to do while you are here.

Fun activities:

The activities will start as soon as you enter the Dubai desert safari you will experience a quite rough drive over the sand dunes and you will witness the thrill that was missing from your life.  This might look horrifying but trust me you will enjoy so much that you would want to do it all over again. Other than that if you wish to experience a personal level of thrill then you can rent out the quad bikes or the sand boards which are present there are have the best time of your life. you will have so much fun riding over the slithering sand. Another option that you might find once you are there if you wish to ride a camel, camel is one of the prominent and famous transportation animals in the Middle East. So if you wish to experience the desert in the purest forms then make sure to take a camel ride.

Dubai desert safari camps:

Dubai desert safari camps are the best places to rest once you are tired and exhausted from all of the activities that you did. These camps are beautifully decorated in the most amazing way and you would love the traditional Arabic décor they have. As soon as you enter the camp you will be served with some welcome drinks and snacks. There will be so many stalls present inside the area from you can grab some gifts to take back home, get a henna design or just smoke some sheesha. Make sure while you sit you find one of the great spots to observe the sunset as they are a great pleasure for your eyes. It’s a beautiful sight where you see the sky change its color and you would find the stars shining brightly in the sky.

Dinner buffet and Entertainment:

The Dubai desert safari camp also offers a great lavish buffet dinner from where you can grab some great vegetarian and non-vegetarian options that you can choose from. After you are done with a great dinner you should be ready for some amazing dance performances such as the belly-dancing and some tenoura dances. You will surely enjoy these performances and have a great time of your life.

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