Singapore is an amazing great tourist location but what a lot of people neglect is the fact that the local cuisine of Singapore has a massive variety in taste. These cuisines will offer you a feel of Singapore as well as all of Asia. Most of the famous dishes there are non vegetarian and are based on fishes and chicken. You can get in depth detail about various other dishes and activities in Singapore by visiting blogs like

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According to some of the Best food blog in Singapore, you should try the following dishes while you are in Singapore-

  • Chicken rice

This is arguably the most iconic dish from Singapore due to the taste and the simplicity that revolves around it. The dish is extremely simple as it involves steamed rice along with pieces of roasted or boiled chicken. You can distinguish it from the aroma it spreads around the place. You won’t even have to go far to find them as they are all over the streets of Singapore.

  • Satay

This is another famous dish in Singapore that involves skewed meat along with a strong peanut sauce with a hint of pineapple puree and rice balls. People in Singapore treat this dish as a lunch and it is easily available on the streets and restaurants alike. A good satay will have charred meat, diced onion and cucumber on the side, perfectly cooked rice balls, and a lot of sweet peanut sauce that act as a relief from the hot taste of the meat.

  • Ice Kakang 

Ice Kakang is a dessert that is a competitor to ice cones found in European nations. This dessert looks like an Indian ‘gola’ ice lollipop. To make this dessert the vendor makes a mountain out of grated ice and pours different colored fruit and artificial flavors over it. This is an extremely light dessert and a lot of people have it after dinner as Singapore is a hot country.