Whenever you plan to travel out of your country for a leisure purpose or a business activity, it is obvious that you have to choose the best hotel option for you. If you are traveling with Singapore airlines then you just do not need to worry about the hotel. They have a huge range of hotel and resort options available for you that you can avail yourself of with different membership options. These hotels have countless facilities that you must be looking for your stay.

They are provided with all the necessities of life as well as luxuries too. Whenever you are planning to travel, pay special attention to the booking of your hotel beforehand with Singapore Airlines. When you book your reservation in any hotel even before you fly, it saves you from so much hassle and end-moment panic. Below are the few best hotels that are offered by Singapore Airlines.

 1- Ayana Hotels

If you are looking for one of the best hotels then you can go for Ayana Hotels. They have the best service in terms of caring and attentive service. It was formed in Bali, Jakarta, and Flores.it offers the facility of 78 private pool villas, 679 guest rooms and suites, 19 restaurants, 12 pools, private beaches and bars, 15 wedding venues, 2 spas, 19 MICE, meeting venues, and much more. It is a well-known business hotel that is giving you amazing lifestyle luxuries. It attributes to easy access to the airport. You can enjoy your trip at your favorite hotel at discounted prices by using Singapore Airlines deals.

2- HPL Hotels

HPL Hotels are located in 11 locations namely the Indian Ocean and Asia Pacific Ocean. They are made to provide you with a broad range of comfort, niceties, and luxuries for every type of traveler who opts to stay there. You are going to enjoy your stay in HPL hotels whether you are a leisure traveler or a business traveler. They know very well what your needs are and they will provide all those necessities that are needed by you. So go for it undoubtedly and enjoy your trip with all the necessities and luxuries.

3- Millennium Hotel

Millennium Hotel and resorts are one of the well-known and largest managed and owned hotel groups.it operates a portfolio of more than 100 hotels around the world. You can earn up to 500 miles of Krisflyer miles per stay. Moreover, at the time of reservation, you have to quote your krisflyer membership number. With Millennium hotel you will get all the comfort and necessities that you need in addition to this they will also provide you with amazing luxuries that you are going to love.

4- Rotana

Rotana has become the leading hotel management in the Middle East and Africa. This brand is widely accepted and admired too. This hotel is mainly designed for people who love to explore. They are the four and five stars hotels that are located in cities and along the coast of Turkey, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. So it is the perfect choice for both business and leisure travelers.