By preference, car owners would love to park their automobiles in a garage every night away from climatic hazards, yet it is unachievable for most individuals. Currently, a new organization is out and campaigning about a car-mounted umbrella that could serve as a shield against effects on the car elements like the paint, for instance.

Basic Features Of The Car Umbrella

This car umbrella is structured in such a way that it has hooks and loops all dropping on the car handles and side mirror. It is hinged to the car roof via a large suction cup and controlled by a wireless remote unfurling at the press of a button.

Having the car umbrella or car cover (ร่มคลุมรถราคา, which is the term in Thai) firmly placed, gives your car a 100% coverage from rain, hail and even bird poop, preventing tainting the car’s paint. Furthermore, covering or parking the car in a covered place elongates the cabin durability.

Subsequently, this car umbrella possesses additional features and can serve for more than a mini garage. The car umbrella can serve as a tent when it is not hinged to the car. The silver coating at the side of the car can function as a projector. There is equally provision of a USB port that allows for the charging of devices.

Price Range

Regardless that this product is yet to be available for purchase, its campaign has gotten a ton of support. The first customers to make a purchase would get this all in one set up at a rate of $199 or $188. Consequent upon more demand, the car umbrella price (ราคาร่มรถยนต์, which is the term in Thai) may become higher. More upgrades will be incorporated, such as the conversion of the free-standing canopy pieces.

During harsh weather seasons, the car umbrella also comes in handy, and it is easily accessible. It can fit into any space as it requires no external mounting on the ground except when being used as a canopy or tent.